Friday, October 12, 2018

Bring Back Honor!

Good evening, 
Below is one of the many things students would like to be addressed or put out there in any way shape or form. 

Thank you!

Recently, there has been a huge change within Dwight Morrow High School. Before elaborating

I would like you to know the situation before these changes were made, students had the chance

to enter AP or Honors classes. As of now all honors classes have been combined with AP, this is

a huge jump especially if your coming from a regular class.

Moving from Ex: Biology to AP chemistry. AP stands
for Advanced Placement, the material in this class is college based.

Imagine this, one day your in a 9th grade chemistry class and the
next your thrown into an entirely different subject with an entirely
different criteria than you were aware of.

All students within honor classes who now have AP were not notified
of this change until the first day of school, many including myself
are struggling to keep up. My question is why did you feel the need to
combine two completely different courses? How did this benefit the
students… other than lowering their GPA that is.

Bring back honors.

A displeased body of students.